Swine Fever in the Phillipines, Bird Flu in Bali & Viet Nam

12/02/2009 10:01:51

240 pigs have died of classical swine fever in the southern Philippine province of North Cotabato. The highly contagious disease, also known as hog cholera, is believed to have originated from contaminated water.

In Bali 133 chickens have been culled after bird flu was found. The disease in endemic in the bird populations of much of Indonesia, and whilst improvements are being stressed by the government, it was reported on Tuesday that 11.5 percent of 2,330 villages in the badly affected Lampung province, had tested positive for bird flu among birds in January.

In Viet Nam foot and mouth has spread to 7 provinces, increasing by 2 with over 1,000 birds culled in Quang Tri, as well as an unspecified number in Bac Ninh. Two other northern provinces have current outbreaks as well as the provinces of Ca Mau, Soc Trang and Hau Giang.

Sources: http://www.farminguk.com/news/Philippines-Cholera-in-Pigs.11301.asp

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