Bird Flu Outbreaks: Vietnam; Egypt & Hong Kong

06/02/2009 14:49:56

Over the past few days previous sufferers Egypt Vietnam and Hong Knog have all confirmed new cases of the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain of Bird Flu.

In Vietnam 3,000 birds have been culled in the most southerly province of Ca Mau, after bird flu tore through the area. Just up the coast in Soc Trang province, 527 of a 700 strong flock of 2-month old ducks died of bird flu, with the remaining ducks culled.

In Egypt over 150 ducks, geese and chickens have died in the northern region of Sharkiya, around 50 miles north of Cairo. Egypt, the worst effected nation by Bird Flu outside of Asia, has also confirmed a 54th human case of the disease, in a 2-year-old boy. In the 53 previous cases of bird flu in Egypt, 42% have been fatal.

Hong Kong’s bird flu troubles have continued with 3 infected birds washed up on Lantau Island. 2 more birds have now been found elsewhere on the coast of Lantau Island, and have been sent for testing. Last November bird flu was found in bird faeces on the island, and later broke out at a commercial farm in December. Despite the outbreaks, it does not appear that they are the consequence of backyard poultry, which is banned in Hong Kong under penalty of a $50,000 fine.

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