Bird Flu Epidemic High Risk in Viet Nam

09/01/2009 11:12:12

The ministry of agriculture in Viet Nam has warned that there is a high risk or a recurrence of last year’s epidemic. The claim comes days after a 13year-old girl became Viet Nam’s sixth bird flu fatality, and the first since March 2008. The most recent outbreak affected 385 fowl, and has lead to the culling of 8,000 poultry. In response, Viet Nam is urging local authorities to tighten controls on Poultry movement, and has pledged $7million to vaccinations over 2009-10. The government is particularly concerned with the Cuu Long Delta, because of free range ducks in the area, and fears a repeat of last year’s 34 outbreaks, leading to the culling of over 30,000 birds.

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