which incinerator?

HURIKAN emergency incineration units are available in a range of sizes and capacities and in mobile and in static forms. They can be adapted to your specifications and are the perfect solution for any emergency disposal situation. Our bespoke manufacturing service can build Hurikan models with appropriate levels of mobility and capacity to reach any location and deliver the highest levels of performance.

The range includes compact units, such as HURIKAN 150, which has high capacity burn rates starting at 150 kilograms per hour and is ideal for localised incineration in villages and remote areas, through to our largest units, such as HURIKAN 3000 that can incinerate up to 3000 kilograms per hour, suitable for mass carcass incineration.

HURIKAN units can be built to be European Union legislation compliant (with a after-burner and secondary chamber), or can be supplied in non-EU compliant form (with the main incineration chamber only)

The E suffix in our model range denotes EU legislation compliant models.

Please call to discuss your specific needs with one of our experienced and friendly team.

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Why use mobile incineration?

• Mobile incinerators are the quickest way to effectively contain outbreak of disease and epidemics

• Bio-security is assured by moving the incinerator not the diseased carcasses, providing simple outbreak containment

• Held in reserve, a fleet of mobile incinerators can be deployed even faster, preventing the spread of diseases such as foot and mouth.