advanced mobile animal carcass incinerator

Why choose the HURIKAN 150?

  • 1. Fast burn rate

    the HURIKAN's 150 kg per hour burn rate allows carcasses to be disposed of at speed, the efficient incineration reduces the probability of the disease spreading.

  • 2. Unique mobility

    compact size for extra mobility where incineration is needed in remote, difficult to access areas and where use of large machinery is an issue. The HURIKAN can quickly be towed and manoeuvred into awkward sites & although compact, features rapid incineration rates of 150kg an hour.

  • 3. Rapid deployment

    the HURIKAN can be operational within 20 minutes, providing for the swift containment of disease, and saving unnecessary labour costs.

  • 4. Simple to use

    automatic burn cycles and semi-automatic loading enable easy, effective incineration, operable by all.

  • 5. Robust construction

    made from high quality materials, the HURIKAN offers reliable salvation when it is needed the most, designed to cope with the intensive nature of mass incineration.

Why use mobile incineration?

  • Mobile incinerators are the quickest way to effectively contain outbreak of disease and epidemics
  • Bio-security is assured by moving the incinerator not the diseased carcasses, providing simple outbreak containment
  • Held in reserve, a fleet of mobile incinerators can be deployed even faster, preventing the spread of diseases such as foot and mouth.

HURIKAN 150 emergency incinerators are exceptionally robust and manoeuverable units designed to be used for rapid deployment in the event of disease, epidemic or disaster. They have been specifically developed to swiftly and easily incinerate carcasses resulting from any type of disaster including outbreaks of disease such as Avian Flu. They are ideal for use in remote, difficult to access areas.

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Also available as the HURIKAN 150E (European Union legislation compliant).

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diagram of the HURIKAN 150E

Mobile trailer-based ABPR-compliant HURIKAN 150E

Key Specifications

Overall Length 5.4m
Overall Width 2.3m
Overall Height 3.3m
Load Capacity150kg (before de-ashing)
Burn Rate< 150kg/hr